Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Post 1: Why this class and favorite character?

Why did you choose this class? What are you hoping to accomplish in the course? What is your favorite character of The Hunger Games and why?

I chose this class because the Hunger Games are interesting and the whole franchise is currently becoming a phenomenon. I enjoyed reading the books, but I did not immediately understand the phenomenon or become obsessed with it. I am looking forward to discussions with classmates who really love the trilogy.

I am hoping to accomplish a better understanding of the time period and social setting of the Hunger Games. I would like to learn more about the deeper meanings and connections in the Hunger Games trilogy. I would specifically like to learn about the religious imagery and Christian themes in the books and movies.

My favorite character is Gale Hawthorne because he possesses the important trait of loyalty. He is loyal to his relationship with Katniss while she is away for both the 74th and 75th hunger games, despite being upset by the way the media portrays her relationship with Peeta in the games. Gale also shows loyalty to his district. When Katniss suggests running away after being threatened by President Snow, Gale ultimately decides to stay, reasoning that all the other families in District 12 do not have the opportunity to just get up and leave. Not only is he loyal to the people he personally knows and cares about, but also to his district as a whole

The Hunger Games, Suzanne Collins
Catching Fire, Suzanne Collins