Thursday, May 8, 2014

Final Blog

I learned a lot this semester about not only the hunger games and the lecture topics, but also how each optic can be expanded to apply to more than I would initially think. I did not expect to be able to make meaningful connections between all the topics and The Hunger Games. It was challenging at times to go deeper than the obvious connections and similarities to the hunger games. It was also challenging to keep improving the blogs each week and add more media, like pictures, gifs, and videos. The required material of the companion books were very helpful, and it would be very interesting now to reread the Hunger Games trilogy after having the knowledge from this class and the books. I bet I would notice a lot of new symbols and connections. I wrote my blogs on:
Dystopian Future
The Arab Spring
Gender and Romance
The Hero's Journey
Children of Men (film)
The End of the World
The Nature of Evil/Holocaust
I found Appalachia's connection to the Hunger Game sot be the most interesting to learn and blog about. Now knowing the similarities between appalachia and District 12, they seem so obvious, but I had no idea before. I learned so much about Appalachia itself in current times, which allowed me to understand the nature of District 12 so much more.

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